Seafood Paella

Olmeda Origins

Seafood Paella

Selected by Olmeda Origenes, the Spanish Food Specialist

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1 tin of fish stock Olmeda Origenes

500 grs Bomba Rice Olmeda Origenes

Seafood to taste

- Scampi / Langoustine

- Cooked Whole Mussel Chile

- Vongole/Clam

Green bean

1 tomato

Saffron Olmeda Origenes

Olive Oil

White Wine for cooking

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    Cooked Whole Mussel Chile (1kg/pack) FROZEN

  • ,

    Extra virgin olive oil Molino Organic EVO 500ml

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    Rice Bomba (500g/bag)

  • ,

    Scampi / Langoustine 17/20 (800g/box) FROZEN

  • ,

    Spanish Saffron (1g)

  • ,

    Vongole/Clam FROZEN 500gram



1. In a pot, put a tin of Fish Stock Olmeda Origenes and three tin-measures of water, getting 1,6 Liters of fish stock. When it is boiling, turn the fire off and let set.

2. Prepare the BBQ with some wood and wait around 15 minutes until the fire is set.

3. Chop the green beans and ground the tomato (previously peeled).

4. In a paella pan put some olive oil and sauté the seafood, then add the grounded tomato and the green beans and some white cooking wine for extra flavour. Sauté for a couple of minutes and take the seafood out from the paella pan so that it dos not get overcooked.

5. Add 500 grs of Bomba rice to the paella pan and fry it with saffron for a couple of minutes, then add some hot fish stock and cook high heat for 4 minutes.

6. Try to make the fire low by removing some wood and cook for 18 minutes, adding more fish stock when needed until the fish stock is finished.

7. Take the paella out from the BBQ and decorate with the seafood and some lemon. Let sit for 5 minutes covered with some tissue.

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