Insalata Melone Scampi e Calamari


Insalata Melone Scampi e Calamari

Selected by Chef Miro Mattalia for Premium Food

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Ingredients for 4 people

4 slices yellow melon

2 slices watermelon

300gr. Clean Squid

4 Scampi (Langoustine) frozen

2 limes

1 Big Red Chilli

Extra virgin olive oil

150 gr Almonds

100 gr Rocket Salad Leaves

2 grams Piment d’Espelet (Smoked Paprika)

20 grams Sugar

5 gram chopped Garlic

20 grams Taggiasche Olives

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    Almond “Marcona” from Spain 100 gr

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    Black Pitted Olives Taggiasca in Oil 900gr

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    Extra Vergin Olive Oil “Bormano”500ml.

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    Smoked paprika Hot & Spicy / Piment Fort Fume 75g



1. Cut the watermelon in 8 big rectangles , remove the seeds.

2. Cut the melon in to slices and each slice in half

3. Toast the almond at 170 degree for 6 minutes and cut them in half.

4. Defrost the scampi and clean it.

5. Cut the squid in to triangles

6. Clean the rocket leaves , squize the lime and julienne the big chili pepper without the seeds.

7. In a pan with the olive oil color the squid and the scampi, than remove them.

8. In the same pan put a little chopped garlic, chili pepper, the fruit and a spoon of sugar .Caramelize from all sides.

9. Poor some lime juice and grated lime skin , add the scampi the squid and the taggiasche olives. Cook all together.

10. Taste and check if is balanced between sweet, acid and spicy. Enjoy hot.

If you are not a chef:
Melon must be sweet and when you fry the calamari the pan must be very very hot to keep the squid crispy and tender. Take only 15 minutes to prepare this yummy dish.
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