Black squid ink pici

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Selected by Chef Manuelo Pintore for Premium Food

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Ingredients for 6 Persons

500 gr flour 00

175 gr squid ink

1 egg

1 cup of water (not cold)

900 gr Mazara shrimp size XL


Salt for Pasta


Olive Oil

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    Black Squid Ink 500gr

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    Extra Vergin Olive Oil “Bormano”500ml.

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    Mazara Red Shrimp Size XL (900gr/box 27/30pc)

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    Pure Sea Salt Flakes Glass Grinder 65gr.

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    Sea Salt for cooking (Sale Grosso) 1 Kg



1. Mix flour, ink, eggs and water until rough dough forms.

2. Knead the dough for 10 minutes until smooth and elastic.

3. Let the dough rest, covered in plastic wrap, for 30 minutes at room temperature.

4. Without adding any extra flour, roll the dough out into a 1 cm. thick round. Next, cut the dough into ¼ inch thick strips.

5. Make the Pici - Roll each strip out on a clean surface to resemble thick spaghetti. Don’t add any flour otherwise you won’t be able to roll it out. Place each piece of rolled out pici on a tray or separate area, dusted with flour or semolina to stop them from sticking.

6. Clean the mazara prawns and keep the heads aside.

7. Cut the prawns into small pieces and lightly season with salt flakes, extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves. Set aside.

8. Heat olive oil in a pan. Add garlic cloves, chili, basil leaves and prawn heads. Cook until brown.

9. Add white wine and a little water to the pan. Adjust seasoning then blend everything in a blender and strain the sauce

10. Cook the pici in salted boiling water for 3-4 minutes.

11. Put the blended sauce in a pan then add cooked pici. Stir to coat.

12. Serve the pasta on a warm plate, garnished with raw prawns

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