Risotto Con Zafferano E Gamberi



Selected by Chef Marco Avesani from La Bottega di Luca for Premium Food

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Risotto rice 70g

White wine 80g

Butter 45g

Fish stock

Saffron (PF) 5 pistilli

Piennolo yellow cherry tomato 30g

Fresh basil

Marzara del vallo prawns 4pcs

Salte' salt a pinch

Orange zest

Extra virgin olive oil Bormano

1 Burrata

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    Extra Vergin Olive Oil “Bormano”500ml.

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    Pure Sea Salt Flakes Glass Grinder 65gr.

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    Red Shrimp Size Mazara from Sicily L (900gr/box 45/50pc)



1. Peel the Mazara del Vallo prawns, cut every prawn in 3 pieces and add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil Bianco fiore with the orange zest. Keep in the fridge.

2. Chop some burrata and season it with extra virgin olive oil and Salte' salt. Keep in chiller

3. In a medium casserole add some extra virgin olive oil and the risotto rice. Toast the rice for a couple of minute, add the white wine and stir until all the alcohol evaporate.

4 .Add the saffron and little by little add the fish stock to the rice. You will see the rice become a bright yellow color. Cook the rice using the fish stock for at least 10 min until al dente.

5. Take your piennolo yellow cherry tomato. Cook the tomatoes with some extra virgin olive oil and basil in a small casserole for at least 5min.

6. Blend all the ingredients in a mixer and pass through a fine sieve. Eliminate any seeds.

7. When the risotto is almost cooked add 30g of piennolo yellow tomato sauce and the 45g of butter.

8. Stir the risotto until all the butter is incorporate, remove from the fire and keep the risotto cover with a towel or a plate for at least 4min.

9. Remove the red prawns and the burrata from the chiller. Season with Salte' salt the prawns.

10.Serve the risotto on a flat plate, add the Marzara del vallo red prawns and burrata on top.

11.Drizzle the risotto with some extra virgin olive oil and decorate with fresh basil.

If I am not a chef how long it takes to be prepare your recipe?
Once you have all the ingredients your dish will be ready to enjoy in 45 minutes.
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