Octopus Leg, Wild Rocket Pesto, Nduja Gel & Liquified Burrata



Selected by Chef Gianni Favro for Premium Food

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Ingredients for 4 People

—For the Octopus:

4 Octopus Legs, defrosted and packed in a vacum bag or a zip bag

15 gr of Chopped Parsley

2 Garlic cloves

1 Lemon

A bit of Rosemary

Salt & Pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

—For the Rocket Pesto:

100 gr of Wild Rocket

80 gr of Soda or Sparkling Cold water

80 gr of Soda or Sparkling Cold water

8 pc White Almond without Skin

15 gr of Parmesan Cheese 24 Month

6 gr Salt

2 gr Pepper

—For the Nduja Gel:

150 gr of Nduja without Skin

175 gr of cold still water

5 gr of Salt

—For the Burrata:

1 Burrata 125 gr (that you have to break in small pieces)

—For the Decoration:

Some Plum Tomatoes ,Oregano, Salt, 1 Garlic Clove , Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Few Leaves of Mix Salad

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    “Passepartout” Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

  • ,

    Almond “Marcona” from Spain 100 gr

  • ,

    Pure Sea Salt Flakes Glass Grinder 65gr.

  • ,

    Tentacles Octopus 195 gm 8 tentacles per tray (1.5kg)



1-Start defrosting the Octopus leg and pack it in a vacuum bag or a zip Bag with a bit of lemon peel and a rosemary stick.

2-For the Pesto, boil the rocket for a few seconds and drain it accurately, put the rocket in a bowl with iced water to fix the chlorophyll color.

3-Take out the rocket from the water and put it in the mixer with the soda water, the salt, the Parmesan and the almonds. Blend it at maximum power and add the oil gently. Mix it again till the sauce is bright and creamy then put it in a piping bag.

4-For the Nduja Gel, put all the ingredients in a mixer at maximum power till the sauce is firm and Jelly.

5-With the help of a sieve, pass the sauce to make it more bright and uniform. (This sauce can be used to make nice pasta or risotto too, just adding on top of pasta some burrata too…mmmm yummy 2 recipes In 1). Pour the sauce in a piping bag then keep in the refrigerator for a few mins.

6-Boil the 2 plum tomatoes and cool them in iced water. Take out the skin and seed and cut it in small cubes of 5 mm each. Season them with Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, dry Oregano and a clove of crushed Garlic.

7-Once the ingredients are ready. Bring to 54 C a pot of water, dip the octopus legs inside the bag in the hot water for 7 mins. Then take the octopus out, dry it, season with a bit of parsley salt and pepper and grill it or pan fry, using just a bit of oil for 2 mins each side.

For the Plating

Pour a nice spoon of the pesto on the plate, cut the Octopus legs in small cubes and use 1 leg for each portion. Spread some Tomatoes on top, a few drops of Spicy Nduja Sauce, and decorate with a bit of green salad leaves. Add a few teaspoons of the Burrata and top up with a bit of olive oil.

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