Grilled Carabineros by Matteo Clini


Selected for Premium Food by Matteo Clini

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Ingredients for 4 people

2 Large carabineros each

Sea Salt

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    Fleur de Sel de Guerande / Flower of Salt (125gr)

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    Red Prawns from Spain Frozen 6/7 1 Kg



1-the prawns are frozen at sea so they retain their freshness and flavour. The best method of defrosting is to remove them from the freezer and defrost slowly in the fridge for 24 hours.

2-preheat a cast iron grill, heavy pan or a barbeque

3-toss in sea salt and grill for 1.5 to 2.5 minutes each side for the large prawns. They are best lightly cooked.

4-Serve them with a fresh salad and a slide of nice bread to catch the juice from the head.

Meet the Chef:

MATTEO CLINI is the Sales Director at Texica Wine
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